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At Akebono Nail, we reveal the natural beauty in your hands. Our gel polish enwraps your nails in a sheer, delicate veil.

We listen to nail artists' needs and create premium gel that bonds gently yet securely. Our coordinated base, color and top allow flawless application and removal.

Join us to unveil the unique charm of your hands. Our immaculate gel polish illuminates the true you from within.

With Akebono, unleash your creativity and confidence. Let your hands tell captivating stories filled with light. We accompany you on the journey to self-discovery and elegance.

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I pour my inspiration into every Akebono design, unveiling the beauty unique to you. My goal is to create nails that dazzle and delight.

Jeremy PM

We strive for perfection in every Akebono product, bringing out your confidence and brilliance. Our commitment is to accompany you on the journey to elegance.

Vivi Zou